Calvi Electric Company is gearing up to begin the Electrical construction of the Parking garage and Office building. The CRDA Board approved a $17 million fund reservation as part of an intergovernmental agreement between the CRDA and Stockton University for Stockton’s Atlantic City Campus Redevelopment Project. Bounded by the Boardwalk, Lincoln Place, and Albany, Atlantic, Ventnor and Trenton avenues, the Atlantic City campus project will feature a 56,000-square-foot academic building on the site of the former Atlantic City High School and a residential housing complex for up to 500 students complete with laundry facilities, fitness center, an outdoor green space courtyard, and 9,000 square feet of retail along the Boardwalk and 5,500 square feet along Atlantic Avenue. The academic building site will feature on-site parking and may eventually be used to potentially double the size of the school. An additional lot adjacent to the former Atlantic Club property that will be utilized for surface parking may also be used for future school expansion. In all, the academic and residential buildings for Stockton’s Atlantic City campus will cost $125 million.

In addition to Stockton’s Atlantic City campus, South Jersey Gas Industries will simultaneously construct a parking garage adjacent to Stockton’s residential building. The garage structure will feature seven floors with 885 parking spaces (600 for Stockton and 200 for SJ Gas), a 72,000-square-foot headquarters facility for SJ Gas office personnel and 7,500 square feet of retail space on Atlantic Avenue. Both projects will generate hundreds of new construction jobs throughout the city and region. The Stockton campus project alone, which will take up to 24 months to build, is expected to generate nearly 775 jobs, along with numerous permanent positions at the facility upon its completion in fall of 2018.