• 655 kW Solar Array Reducing Costs for Church of the Assumption

    Church of the Assumption and Solar Funding, LLC today announced the completion of a 655.2-kilowatt ground mounted solar power system at the regional school and church  facility in Galloway, NJ. The system was commissioned in May and will generate up to 90 percent of the facility’s annual electricity demand.


    “We are very excited that our goals have come to fruition.  This is a vision we have had for several years and the first of its kind for the area,” said Father Michael Matveenko, Pastor of Church of the Assumption.  “It will deliver significant savings on our operational costs, while contributing to church, community and school environmental awareness.  “Calvi Electric Company and Solar Funding helped us develop a unique use of nearly four (4) previously unusable acres of land located in the storm water basin next to our facility.  It was a perfect area for this project and was optimally positioned to install the nearly 3000 Solar Panels that will deliver benefits for the next 25 years.”


    According to estimates provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the system will avoid emissions of nearly 600 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year, which is equivalent to the emissions from the electricity use of 66 average American homes. Over 25 years, it is also equivalent to removing almost 2600 cars from New Jersey’s roads or planting 2500 acres of trees.  Live power and production data is captured and recorded from the site can be viewed online at http://live.deckmonitoring.com/?id=church_of_the_assumption


    At the site, Calvi Electric Company installed 2912 Schuco-USA 225 watt polycrystalline modules, ranked among the highest in quality and efficiency, the Schuco PS09 module has a +5% tolerance that insures that the module will produce it’s estimated output for 25 years.  The modules are mounted to a pre-engineered Solar FlexRack mounting system within the confines of a storm water retention basin. Tilted at a twenty-five-degree angle, the solar energy system is designed to produce a peak of 655,200 watts of direct current(DC) power.  Three (3) SMA Sunny Central 250 kilowatt inverters convert the electricity generated by the solar modules into alternating current(AC).  Alternating current is the form of electricity used in consumer appliances, lighting and heating and cooling systems.  The estimated power delivered to the facility is in excess of 800,000kWHr of AC power annually.  That is enough electricity to light 1600 60 watt light bulbs 24 hours a day for the entire year.



    “Father Mike has positioned the Church of the Assumption as a pioneer among the religious community with its commitment to environmental sustainability,” said Dave Wojciechowski, senior director of sales for SMA America. “SMA was pleased to provide the world’s finest inverters for this photovoltaic system, which will help educate the church’s congregation and students about the benefits of solar power.”


    Calvi Electric Company met with Parish staff Father Mike Matveenko, Steve Ratzlaff and Mary Skudalski, who were requesting a proposal for the project back in November, 2009.  After navigating through the many permitting and engineering hurtles the Church found itself with one final challenge, to fund this multimillion dollar project.  Solar Funding, LLC was able to step to the table and propose a power purchase agreement(PPA) that would get construction underway. A PPA is one method of funding expensive construction projects for non-profit companies where the land owner provides the land or real estate and an investor owns operates and maintains a solar energy system on that property.


    Solar Funding, LLC owns the system, and will sell the solar renewable energy credits and environmental benefits associated with it.  In return for the use of the land, Church of the Assumption receives a low long-term fixed rate for the purchase of electricity generated by the solar energy system.  Construction of the system was completed in three months.


    About Solar Funding

    Founded in 2010 by Bob Polisano and Gregory Carnesale, Solar Funding is committed to preserving energy and saving the environment via eco-friendly power solutions. Solar Funding is based in Egg Harbor City.


    About Calvi Electric Company

    Established in 1909, Calvi Electric Company has a long history and reputation of excellence in South Jersey. Our office has been located in the heart of Atlantic City since 1966 and has been responsible for installing most of the electrical equipment that lights up the Atlantic City skyline today.  For over 100 years commercial, industrial, municipal, government and utility customers have relied on Calvi’s experience and proven results to get the job done.